About Ken

A Lifetime of Experience ...

Starting in construction as a teenager, Ken built five houses in his last two years of high school. Then serving in the Navy Seabees for fourteen years, he did construction in Spain, Cuba, Guam, Japan, and various cities throughout the United States.
Ken is a carpenter, mason, plumber, electrician, heating/air conditioning/refrigeration technician, steel worker, heavy equipment operator, and surveyor. He has formal training in estimating, project management, stucco application, building inspection, and government contracting, and has taken about a dozen technical training courses. Construction projects include schools, hospitals, office buildings and office tenant improvements, retail, military barracks, distribution centers, warehouses, roads, bridges, and airport runways. In addition, he has influenced the construction of over 25,000 single-family and multi-family houses while working in construction or supply chain management roles at four of the top ten U.S. homebuilding companies.

. . . Now a Passion to Lower Costs